Brad Fanshaw >>>

Brad Fanshaw is the owner of bonspeed Wheels an Anaheim, California based manufacturer of premium forged aluminum wheels for cars and trucks. Brad is also an award-winning automotive designer and builder, TV Host (Car Warriors) and TV Producer (Car Chasers).

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Aaron Hagar >>>

Aaron Hagar is owner of Rat Runners Garage in Lake Tahoe, California. He is a master of re-purposing the old and making it into something new and innovative. He applies this to his love of building Rat Rods. Aaron has an entertainment lineage and is an accomplished artist, designer, painter and musician with his band Fight Club.

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Matt D'Andria >>>

Matt D'Andria is the Co-host of the top rated automotive podcast, CarCast with Adam Carolla and host of the YouTube series, Car Collectors for GQ Magazine. Matt is also CEO of, the first social-shopping destination for performance automotive enthusiasts.

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