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Episode #144 (7/18/18) Autonomous Mustang, German Classics and Melting Roads

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Brad Fanshaw and Aaron Hagar are talking this week about an Autonomous 1965 Mustang hitting the wall, German classics appreciating more than the stock vehicle market and Australian roads melting in the heat!

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Episode #143 (7/10/18) Toyota Supra at NASCAR & Worst Car Resale Values

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The gang is all here for this week's episode of Shift and Steer! The guys talk about the Toyota Supra going to NASCAR, Worst Car Resale Values, and Why Your Next Car will Cost Way More!

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Episode #142 (7/04/18) Aaron's New Show & BOLT Locks

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Brad and Matt have the newest YouTube TV star AKA co-host Aaron Hagar on to talk about his new show "Design, Cut, Built". Then the Sales Director from BOLT lock company tells us about the best lock for your trailers.

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Episode #141 (6/27/18) Monterey Ferrari Could Top Previous Sales & Ralph Sheheen Speed Sport News

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Matt the Motorator and Brad Fanshaw are in the studio for this week's episode of Shift and Steer. The guys talk about the Monterey Ferrari possibly topping all previous sales, and then Ralph Sheheen from Speed Sport News joins the gang to wrap up the show.

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Episode #140 (6/19/18) Driving the 640hp Cadillac CTS-V and Race with GT Technik

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Brad Fanshaw and Matt "The Motorator" D'Andria are in-studio with Aaron Hagar calling in for this week's episode of Shift & Steer. The guys chat about driving the 640hp Cadillac CTS-V and we discuss how to go racing with special guest Fabryce Kutyba from GT Technik.

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Episode #139 (6/12/18) The World's Most Expensive Car

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Mat "The Motorator" and Brad Fanshaw are in the studio for this week's episode of Shift and Steer. The guys talk about the World's most expensive car, the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO, selling for a whopping $70 million dollars. Brad also talks about driving the Ferrari GTC4 LussoT.

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Episode #138 (6/05/18) Porsche NO SALE, Brad Drives the Ferrari GTC4 LussoT and Matt LeBlanc leaves Top Gear.

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Brad, Matt the Motorator and Aaron Hagar are all present for this week's episode of Shift and Steer. The guys discuss the Porsche NO SALE that is now in effect in Europoe, Brad drives the Ferrari GTC4 LussoT and Matt LeBlanc steps down from his hosting duties on Top Gear.

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Episode #137 (5/30/18) The Indy 500, Willy T Ribbs Documentary & Sam Hurly from Turtle Wax

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For this week's episode of Shift and Steer, Brad and Motorator Matt are in the studio and talking about The Indy 500 Turbine Cars, Carolla's newest documentary on Willy T. Ribbs and finally we talk to our guest Sam Hurly, a detailing expert with the Turtle Wax Shine Squad.

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Episode #136 (5/22/18) Dead Car Brands & Why They Died

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It's Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar on this week's Shift and Steer as the gang talks about long gone car brands and why they died.

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Episode #135 (5/15/18) Robot Car vs. Human Driver, Star Wars Cars and Luxury SUV's

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This week Brad Fanshaw and Aaron Hagar discuss a race that took place on the streets of Rome between a robot car and a human driver! Who will win?! The guys also discuss new Star Wars themed vehicles and the newest Luxury SUV's.

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Episode #134 (5/08/18) F1 Racing in the USA, Tesla The Company, Texas Kills Dune Buggies and the 50th "Hot Wheels Celebration".

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Join Brad and Matt as they bring you the latest from Shift and Steer on F1 racing in the US, Tesla and Elon Musk's performance as an auto maker, the death of dune buggies in the state of Texas and a look at the 50th Hot Wheels Celebration!

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Episode #133 (5/01/18) Special Guest Mike Brewer and the Jaguar 400 Sport

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Mike Brewer talks to Brad about the new season of Wheeler Dealers on Velocity and then hes new podcast "Behind The Wheel". Brad also gives you a preview of the Jaguar 400 Sport that he's driving this week. All of this is only with Brad, because Matt is at Road Atlanta with Adam Carolla for The Mitty and Aaron was not able to call in due to phone issues.

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Episode #132 (4/23/18) Long Beach Grand Prix, 2018 Ford GT and Special Guests Jasmine Abel & Trevor Thompson

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This week Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar (Yes Aaron is on the show this week), discuss the Long Beach Grand Prix, Matt's ride in the 2 seat Indy Car, the new Ford GT and then they wrap up with a conversation with their special guest Jasmine Abel & Trevor Thompson. Jasmine and Trevor are a husband and wife team of photographers that specialize in high end auto photography and PR.

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Episode #131 (4/17/18) Porsche Culture, Long Beach Grand Prix & Carroll Shelby's collection sale with special guest Howie Idelson

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This week Howie Idleson of Luftgekuhlt joins Matt and Brad for a discussion of the Porsche culture event that is becoming a world car enthusiast show. Also, on this episode is talk of the Long Beach Grand Prix and the sale of Carroll Shelby's personal collection of cars.

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Episode #130 (4/11/18) Supercars vs. Sleepers, Malaise Cars from the 70's & 80's and more stuff to win.

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This week Brad, Matt & Aaron are on the show and they talk about the new Netflix TV show called Fastest Car. Next it's all about the fun loving cars of the late 70's, 80's and 90's and weather Jalopnik got the Top 10 collectable Malaise era cars correct.

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Episode #129 (4/3/18) Cars That Attract Women, New York Auto Show SUV's and special guest Nicole Mequiar

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 In this episode Brad runs down the list of the "Top 10 Cars that Attract Women", Matt discusses the hottest SUV's to debut at the New York Auto Show and special in-studio guest Nicole Megquiar gives the rundown on the upcoming Benedict Castle Concourse.

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Episode #128 (3/28/18) Autonomous cars, Dodge Vipers and more with Special Guest Raz Krog

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Automotive photographer and Turtle Wax influencer Raz Krog is in the studio with Brad and Matt this week and the talk includes autonomous cars, getting run over by autonomous cars, the blow up doll pilot from the movie "Airplane", the Chrysler Museum reboot, Dodge Vipers and a new giveaway is announced for "Win Brads Stuff".

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Episode #127 (3/20/18) Making Wheels, Matt's Mustang Talk, Porsche Auction Prominence and more Giveaways!

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Brad Fanshaw, Motorator Matt, and Aaron Hagar are all In-Studio for this week's episode of Shift and Steer! The gang is back together and talking about making wheel's, Matt's hot Mustang talk, and after Aaron has to leave the studio, Brad and Matt get into the rise of Porsches at auctions.

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Episode #126 (3/13/18) Mike Brewer, Bill Goldberg, Detroit Autorama and the Geneva Auto Show

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Mike Brewer, Bill Goldberg, Detroit Autorama, Geneva Auto Show all stuffed into on big podcast show. We have news about hot rods, concept cars, race cars and all the automotive information. Listen and you could win more of Brad's Stuff too!