Episode #50 (Air Date 12-16-15) Performance Racing Industry (PRI Show) Report & Borla Induction Systems

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.50_PRI_Show_Report__Borla_8_Stack.m4a

Brad, Pete and Matt are in the studio without Aaron as he is snowbound in Tahoe. Still the trio get a live report from the show floor at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show in Indianapolis, Indiana. Evan Smith of REVanMedia.com, who can also be found on social media @Evan1320 gives all the goods. Evan tells us about the show, the parts and the people.

Then in the later part of the show Doug Schaller from Borla Induction systems calls in to discuss these incredible induction systems. Both Pete and Matt are using the systems on current projects. 

Finally Pete tells us about his exploits when he comes upon a 1200h.p. twin charged Fox body Mustang on the streets of California.

Evan Smith


Episode #49 (Air Date 12-09-15) Remembering George Barris, Bill Burke & Locating Barn Finds

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.49_George_Barris_Remembered__Barn_Finds.m4a

The boys are back in town again, back from SEMA and in the bonspeedMedia studios. This week we remember George Barris the King of Kustomizers, we also discuss the loss of Bill Burke the father of the Bonneville belly tank streamliners.

Then we have The Automotive Archaeologist Ryan Brutt. Ryan discusses his book Amazing Barn Finds and Roadside Relics. Ryan tells us about the Hemi cars, rare Camaros and so many others that he locates rusting into the ground.


Episode #48 Larry Dixon NHRA Top Fuel Champion & Ralph Sheheen Speed Sport Race Report (Re-Broadcast)

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.23_SheheenReport-LarryDixon.m4

This is a re-broadcast of a show that originally aired June 2, 2015

Larry Dixon the 3X NHRA Top Fuel dragster champion tells Shift and Steer about his horrifying wreck at 300+. He gives Brad, Aaron and Matt an account in dramatic detail and manages to laugh about it!

Ralph Sheheen from Speed Sport News gave us a motorsports update that is now very outdated.


Episode #47 (Air Date 11-18-15) Ray Evernham LIVE at SEMA from NASCAR to TV's Americarna

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.47_SEMA_3_Ray_Evernham.m4a

The last of our LIVE shows direct from the SEMA Show 2015 and we invited Ray Evernham to join us. This former NASCAR crew chief and team owner who now is the star of Velocity Channels Americarna also co-hosts the Barrett-Jackson collector car auctions.

A true car enthusiast Ray discusses his career, his shows and the love he has for all types of vintage cars. Join us between the laughs for a fantastic wrap-up of our 2015 visit to Vegas for the 2015 SEMA Show.

Episode #46 (Air Date 11-12-15) Live at SEMA 2015 - Wheeler Dealers Mike & Edd, Steeda's 777hp Mustang and Heather Storm from Garage Squad

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.46_SEMA_SHOW_DAY_2.m4a

The guys from Shift and Steer stuff so much into this hour that it take 1 hour and 15 minutes to get it all on air. Join our podcast LIVE from SEMA 2015 as we welcome Mike Brewer and Edd China from the hit Velocity TV show Wheeler Dealers.

Next we stay tuned to Velocity TV with Heather Storm from Garage Squad.

We then tune the H.P. up with a visit from Bob Adams and Paul Svinicki from Steeda Autosports. The pair provide us with all the details on the 777h.p. Steeda Q750 Street Fighter Mustang.

Finally we wrap this episode with our friends Rob O'Connor from Syarcuse Nationals and Artie Schilling from Artie's Party Charity pinstripe event. We highlight the show and announce our appearance for 2016.

It's all action from the Shift and Steer stage LIVE at SEMA 2015.

Episode #45 (Air Date 11-5-15) Live From SEMA Show 2015 Ed Justice, Bodie Stroud & Craig Fraser

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.45_SEMA_SHOW_2015_SHOW_1.m4a

Shift and Steer is live on the scene for the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas Nevada. This years show is larger than ever before and Shift and Steer is on the stage in the Racing Annex. In this first of several shows we talk to Ed Justice Jr. form Justice Brothers, Bodie Stroud hot rod builder of B.S. Industries and Craig Fraser of Air Syndicate jumps in for a "Chat & Scat"

Episode #44 (Air Date 10-28-15) We Turn the mics on our own Brad Fanshaw - Car Builder, Automotive Entrepreneur & Action Sports Pioneer

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.44_All_About_Brad.m4a

This week Matt D'Andria, Pete Chapouris and Aaron Hagar turn the mics on Shift and Steer's own Brad Fanshaw. They squeeze him for the details on his history as a BMX Pro, as an Action Sports pioneer, and the guy who partnered with the legendary Boyd Coddington. They wrap with his current awards, car builds and his bonspeed Wheel company. Listen in as they have a great talk about the upcoming SEMA Show and Brad's varied background.




Episode #43 (Air Date 10-21-15) We take a Trip to Germany to discuss the famed Nurburgring

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.43_Nurburgring_-_Robert_Angelo.m4a

This week Brad, Matt and Pete welcome Robert Angelo a Producer, Director and Cinematographer with a long list of credits. If you watched Jay Leno's Garage online then you know his work, he is responsible for bringing that to life and producing it. Robert even has the Emmy's to prove how good he is at his craft.

Recently, Robert filmed a documentary on the legendary Nurburgring racing track. He has fantastic background and tales about the track. 

Episode #42 (Air Date 10-14-15) Kustom Legend Gene Winfield's Open House Visit

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.42_Gene_Winfields_OpenHouse.m4a

Each year hot rod and kustom legend Gene Winfield invites everyone to visit his remote car building compound. The gathering is full of famous builders, legends and the varied freaks of the car world. Tag along as Pete Chapouris and Brad Fanshaw take you on a ride to the high desert. Then jump out of the car and walk the show as they provide a guided tour.

Episode #41 (Air Date 10-7-15) Who's Pete Chapouris & Bonneville's Save the Salt

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.41_Whos_Pete_Chapouris__Save_the_Salt.m4a

This week Motorator Matt D'Andria takes control of the wheel and interviews our own co-host Pete Chapouris. Aaron Hagar is calling in from the hill in Tahoe and bonspeed Brad Fanshaw is gone on assignment. 

Pete tells us about his early days, Pete & Jake Days, SEMA Days and present days. It is the most interesting story of his rise to hot rod super stardom. Then Pete and the boys discuss the Save the Salt campaign and the dwindling salt at the famed Bonneville flats.

Episode #40 (Air Date 9-30-15) VW Gets Dirty, Pete Gets a New Car and Matt Goes to GoodWood

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.40_VW_Problems__GoodWood.m4a

This week on Shift and Steer Pete reveals that he bought a new car and that he has mistreated rental cars in the past. Matt talks about driving Adam Carolla's 1999 Jaguar, going to the GoodWood Revival and mistreating rental cars. Brad discusses the giant, dirty mess at VW with the guys and tells how he has mistreated rental cars in the past.

Episode #39 (Air Date 9-24-15) Speeding Ferrari, Wheelstanders, Can-Am Racers, Rock n Roll Porsches

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.39_Bench_Racing_With_Brad__Pete.m4a

This week Brad Fanshaw and Pete Chapouris are in the studio without Matt and Aaron. It gives the pair a chance to do some serious bench racing and once they start they cannot stop. This marathon conversation starts with Pete's decision for a new car, travels through a bunch of subjects and ends with a Ferrari racing through the streets of Beverly Hills.

Harry Hibler Episode.jpg

Episode #38 (Air Date 9-16-15) Hot Rod Magazine & The History of CadZZilla With Harry Hibler

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.38_Hot_Rod_Magazines_Harry_Hibler.m4a

Brad Fanshaw, Pete Chapouris and Aaron Hagar talk with Harry Hibler, a man who helped shape your automotive hobby. Hibler was Publisher of Hot Rod Magazine, Car Craft and many other Petersen magazines. Not only that he was the idea man behind CadZZilla, Aluma-Coupe, Ameri-Cruise, Hot Rod Nationals, PowerTour and the Car Craft Street Machine Nationals. You will really enjoy the stories as Pete and Brad get Harry to tell all!

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.37_Whats_New__The_Real_Motorator_Matt.m4a

Episode #37 (Air Date 9-9-15) Dick Guldstrand, Carter Carbs, Celebs & Who Really is Motorator Matt

In this episode of Shift and Steer Brad, Matt and Aaron discuss some of the hottest recent topics in the car world. They discuss the death of Dick Gulstrand, "Mr. Corvette" a pioneering driver and suspension guru. They also bring you up to speed on what is happening at the National Corvette Museum's big sink hole disaster. Next the trio breaks the news about Barrett-Jackson packing up and leaving RENO after just 3 years. These car guys also break the silence on Pete being gone once again and a life of having celebrity friends.

In the final portion of this episode you will hear the good, bad and ugly past of our man on the mic Motorator Matt D'Andria. His torrid past is finally revealed in this telling expose.

Yeah and find out why Matt is dressed like Peter Pan?

Episode #36 (Air Date 9-2-15) Driving Hagar's LaFerrari & Behind the Barrett-Jackson Cup RENO

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.36_Adventures_in_CarLand_copy.m4a

Shift and Steer is happy to announce that our man Pete Chapouris is back on the mic after a 2 month hiatus. Aaron Hagar reports what it is like to ride in his dad's new LaFerrari. Then we take you for an exclusive look behind the judging of the largest prize in the custom car world, the $100,000 Barrett-Jackson Cup in Reno.

The judges Pete Chapouris, Bobby Alloway and Bob Millard provided Brad Fanshaw exclusive and intimate access to the judging. Take an interesting and informative look at what it takes to win.

Episode #35 (Air Date 8-26-15) Adventures in "Car Land" - Pebble Beach, Hot August Nights, Drifting and Drag Racing

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.36_Adventures_in_CarLand_copy.m4a

This week Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar share tales from the road and the great adventures on which they have embarked. NHRA Sonoma drag races, the Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day with drifting stars, Monterey Historic Races, Quail Lodge, the Pebble Beach Concourse, Hot August Nights and Barrett-Jackson.

They tell about the cars they drove and the people they met. Aaron also fills us with tales of his rock legend dad that just took delivery of a Ferrari La Ferrari.

Tune in and enjoy the boys tales from "Car Land".

Episode #34 (Air Date 8-6-15) Syracuse Nationals Day #2 with Guest Steve Magnante Barrett-Jackson Commentator

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.35_Syracuse_Nationals_2.m4a

The PPG Syracuse Nationals is the largest car show in the Northeast and consumes the entire New York Fairgrounds. The show is also host to many events within the event including Artie's Party the charity striping event presented by 1 Shot Paints.

Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar appear at the event, record two big shows and extra Video Bonus footage.

This is our second big show Live from New York's Syracuse Nationals. Our special guest is Steve Magnante who you know as the on air commentator for the Barrett-Jackson auctions.

We talk about New York style cars, car values, what is hot in resale and so much more.



PPG Paints

1Shot Paints

Episode #33 (Air Date 7-30-15) Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Muscle Cars and Artie's Party Live From Syracuse Nationals

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.33_Syracuse_Nationals_Show_1.m4a

The PPG Syracuse Nationals is the largest car show in the Northeast and consumes the entire New York Fairgrounds. The show is also host to many events within the event including Artie's Party the charity striping event presented by 1 Shot Paints.

Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar appear at the event, record two big shows and extra Video Bonus footage.

On this the first of two podcasts we visit with Rick Love "Mr. Cool" from Vintage Air and Art Schilling of Artie's Party. The guys also give you a great feel for the fun in New York!



PPG Paints

1Shot Paints

Episode #31 (Air Date 7-25-15) Shift and Steer Technical and Driving Impressions of the Ferrari California T

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/Ferrari_CaliforniaT_Tech_Spec_Special.m4a

2015 Ferrari California T

MSRP $260,259.00

EXTERIOR: Blue California




• Apple Carplay

• AFS System

• Leather Upholstered Seat Back

• Blue Brake Calipers

• Chromed Front Grill

• Color Safety Belts - Cinture Comboblau Blu

• Color Upper Dashboard - Blu Sterling

• Dashboard Leather Lower - Blu Sterling

• Horse Stitched - Blu

• Scuaderia Ferrari Shield

• Magneride Dual Mode Suspension

• Inn/Out

• Eletter

• Mirror Home

• Internal Use Front and Rear Parking Cameras

• Piping in Blu Sterling

• 20" Forged Diamon Rims

Visit Ferrari USA - www.Ferrari.com

Visit bonspeed Wheels - www.bonspeedwheels.com

Episode #30 (Air Date 7-15-15) Ferrari California-T Drive with Rocker Michael Anthony

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP._30_Driving_the_Ferrari_CaliforniaT.m4a

Shift and Steer's Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria get behind the wheel of the new Ferrari California-T. They make the most of the excursion by inviting Michael Anthony along for a true California-T Summer day. Michael an avid Ferrari owner and enthusiast who has rocked the world as a founding member of Van Halen and now is the bass player for both The Circle and Chickenfoot with bandmate Sammy Hagar drives the new 560hp Ferrari GT and compares it to his own Ferrari California.

The trio puts the Ferrari through it's paces on the oceanside roads of Newport Beach, California and builds an appetite for some authentic Mexican food. Get ready as Brad and Matt talk Ferrari's, the California-T, music, the Southern California lifestyle and living a permanent vacation.

Be sure to visit the website next week for our VIDEO BONUS and the Ferrari Tech Spec segment with Brad and Matt providing specifications and driving impressions on the California-T.

Visit Ferrari USA - www.Ferrari.com

Visit Michael Anthony - www.MadAnthonyCafe.com

Visit bonspeed Wheels - www.bonspeedwheels.com

Mini Episode #29 VIDEO BONUS: SO CAL Speed Shop Hot Rods, Hero's and Heat!

The Shift and Steer cast of Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar crash the So-Cal Speed Shop Open House. They talk sh@% with Jimmy Shine, get crashed by Barry Meguiar, review car design with Dave Marek and get legendary with Gene Winfield.

It was sooo hot this might sizzle your eyeballs!

Episode #28 (Air Date 7-1-15) Hot Rod Legends, Hero's, Car Designers and So-Cal Speed Shop Open House

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP_28_SOCAL_Open_House.m4a

On this action packed episode Brad, Matt and Aaron invade the So-Cal Open house honoring friend and co-host Pete Chapouris who was unable to attend due to a recent surgery. 

The Show opens with Dave Marek, Global Creative Director for Acura and a huge car and hot rod enthusiast. Dave reveals too little about the forthcoming NSX and plenty about the cross-over between the aftermarket and the automotive world.

Then it is earth shattering news that we break here on Shift and Steer before anyone else about Jimmy Shine, could he really be leaving So-Cal Speed Shop?

We do a non-interview with Peter Chapouris from So-Cal Speed about directing the open house and show.

Legend Gene Winfield hops on the mic to tell us what to expect next month when we join him at the Syracuse Nationals.

Finally, Barry Meguiar crashed our show with his Car Crazy cameras going for criss-cross interview!

Episode #27 (Air Date 6-24-15) Driving Ford's 2015 Mustangs & F150, X-box and Syracuse Nationals Preview

Episode Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shiftsteermedia/EP.26_Ford_Madness__Syracuse_Nats_Preview.m4a

On this episode the guys do without Pete Chapouris who is still recovering, but still invade the So-Cal Speed Shop Open House for a new episode live from the event. First they welcome Artie Schilling who provides a preview to the Shift and Steer appearence at the upcoming Syracuse Nationals in Syaracuse, New York on July 17-19, 2015. At this giant of a car show Brad, Aaron and Matt will do live shows and host the Gene Winfield Award banquet. 

Next the trio talk about the recent Ford Motors event attended by Matt and Brad in Southern California. The two drove the new Mustang Gt convertible with the 32-valve Coyote drivetrain, the 2.3 litre 4 cylindar turbo EcoBoost Mustang and the with 300+ h.p.. They also drove the new EcoBoost F150 2.7 litre turbo extended cab with the new aluminum body.

Then to continue the Ford Madness they talk about the visit by X-Box to the Adam Carolla Car Cast show. At that show which Matt co-hosts, Ford brought the new Mustang Shelby GT 350, the Focus RS and the 2017 pre-production Ford GT Supercar to help X-box show the upcoming Forza Motorsports game.

Finally a parts discussion ensues with Brian from Maximum motorsports.

Mini Episode #26 Video Bonus - Test Driving the new Ford Mustang GT and F-150

Shift and Steer hosts Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria take a day driving the newest Ford cars including the Ford Mustang GT, Mustang Ecoboost and the F150 Ecoboost. See what they have to say in this video bonus.