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Episode #126 (3/13/18) Mike Brewer, Bill Goldberg, Detroit Autorama and the Geneva Auto Show

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Mike Brewer, Bill Goldberg, Detroit Autorama, Geneva Auto Show all stuffed into on big podcast show. We have news about hot rods, concept cars, race cars and all the automotive information. Listen and you could win more of Brad's Stuff too!

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Episode #125 (3/6/18) Jaguar Electric iPace, Aaron's Back & Pro Street Cars

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This week Brad Fanshaw and Motorator Matt are in the studio with Aaron Hagar calling in from Tahoe. The guys talk about the new Jaguar iPace, Pro Street cars at auction, Sammy Hagar's Ferrari Daytona and Aaron's visit to the Talbot Moto Collection.

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Episode #124 (2/28/18) Jaguars, Mercedes, Hate Mail/Great Mail, and Free Stuff

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This is a packed episode. Brad Fanshaw and Motorator Matt tell you how to WIN BRAD'S STUFF, yes FREE giveaways! Then they read "Hate Mail & Great Mail", tell you the value of a 1980's cocaine white Mercedes 560sec, and discuss the reissue D-Type Jaguars, plus so much more!

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Episode #123 (2/20/18) NHRA Winter Nationals with special guest Joe Rode

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This week Brad Fanshaw and Motorator Matt are recapping their recent outings to the NHRA Winter Nationals. They fill you in on all the action. Then they welcome their in-studio guest Joe Rode from Eddie Motorsports and Eddie Marine. Joe tells them about his past in automotive publishing and the  great machined products coming from this company in Southern California. They talk cars, trucks, boats and of course Fox Body Mustangs.

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Episode #122 (2/13/18) The 2018 NHRA Drag Racing Season with special guest Jeg Coughlin Jr.

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This week Brad Fanshaw and Motorator Matt welcome Jeg Coughlin Jr. to the bonspeedMedia studios. Jeg is one of the top competitors in the NHRA series and along with his brothers he owns Jeg's Performance. Listen as the boys talk ProStock Racing and some background on Jeg and his family.

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Episode #121 (2/06/18) The Lexus Hybrid LS500h, Ford Punch Bowl & the 2018 Motorsports Hall of Fame

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This week Brad Fanshaw and Motorator Matt are talking about the Lexus Hybrid LS500h, the styling, the seats and the comfort. Then they shed light on the long lost Ford Punch Bowl that was the winning trophy from Henry Ford's win in 1901. The Elon Musk flamethrower, the Petersen Porsche exhibit are brought up and also the 2018 Motorsport Hall of Fame inductees, who include Brad's friend the late and great Lil' John Buttera.

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Episode #120 (1/31/18) Special Late Night Edition

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Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria tell you about the annual MPMC aftermarket conference and the Grand National Roadster Show.

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Episode #119 (1/23/18) Scottsdale Auctions

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The boys from Shift and Steer, bonspeed Brad Fanshaw and Motorator Matt D'Andria just returned from Scottsdale Auction week. They have tales to tell, auction highlights, the Top 10 sales, favorite cars and of course, Matt found Fox body cars.

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Episode #118 (1/16/18) New Year, New Shows!

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This week Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar are all together for our first new episode of 2018! In this episode the boys discuss doing burnouts in a warehouse, doing donuts in a front wheel drive car, driving the new Honda Civic Type R and filming a commercial for the prototype Mazda 6.

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Episode #117 (1/9/18) Upcoming Scottsdale Auctions

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This week Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria talk about the big upcoming Scottsdale Auctions. They discuss car values, what is up in price and what might be good picks for the future.

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Episode #116 (1/04/18) Looking Back at Shift and Steer 2017

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Brad Fanshaw, and Matt D'Andria look back at 2017 and tell tales of what they did over the holidays!

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Episode #114 (12/19/17) In the Spirit of the Holidays

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Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar do a quick wrap up of the past month and then have  a lighthearted discussion of toys and collectibles that ends with what car they would want under the tree if money was no object.

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Episode #113 (112/12/17) Mooneyes X-Mas Party and Meguier's at SEMA

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Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria attend the Mooneyes X-Mas Party at Irwindale Raceway. They tell you about the fun and the sad point that it was Irwindales's final event. Motorator tells you about driving the Honda Ridgeline and Aaron interviews the Mequire's team live at SEMA. You get some great tips in this special SEMA bonus.

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Episode #112 (11/28/17) Live from the RadWood Car Show

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LIVE from the RadWood car show in Anaheim, Ca where only cars, motorcycles and trucks from the 1980s and 90s are allowed. Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria have the co-host of Man Seeks Adventure, Dave Marek on the mic. Dave who when not podcasting with Fanshaw on MSA is the Global Director of Design for Acura/Honda.

After discussing the show and the very cool selection of 80s and 90s iron, Matt revs in with news on the LA Auto Show. To wrap up the show Mat discusses the driving experience of the Acura NSX and having Dave there to lend his expert input makes for a great discussion.

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Episode #111 (11/28/17) SEMA Day 4 with Special Guests: Top Fuel Champion Larry Dixon and Jimmy Shine

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Recorded during the final day of SEMA 2017 at the MagnaFlow stage it's Shift and Steer with Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar. Our special guests in this episode include Larry Dixon the 3X NHRA Top Fuel Champion who tells us all about his new NITRO X2 ride along top fueler. Then hot rod builder Jimmy Shine from the Jimmy Shine Workshop drop by to talk about what he is up to and some real hardcore car talk.

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Episode #110 (11/21/17) SEMA Day 3 with Special Guests: Wheeler Dealers and Justin Osmer of Forza Motorsport

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We continue with some exciting podcast episodes live from the 2017 SEMA Show. On this episode Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar welcome Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead from the hit TV show Wheeler Dealers. Then Justin Osmer of Forza Motorsport grabs the mic to tell us all about motorsport gaming on the new Xbox console and what it takes to make great games such as Forza.

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Episode #109 (11/14/17) SEMA Day 2 with Special Guests: Ken Lingenfelter, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Joe Bacal

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Live from SEMA at the MagnaFlow Stage Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria & Aaron Hagar welcome Ken Lingenfelter in the first half to talk car collecting and the new offerings from Lingenfelter Performance. Then Actor / Racer Mark-Paul Gosselaar and his racing partner and stunt driver Joe Bacal joins us for some hard core on track and off-road race talk.

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Episode #108 (11/07/17) SEMA Day 1 with guest Michael Anthony!

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It's our day 1 coverage of SEMA 2017 and hosts Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar welcome special guest Michael Anthony! They talk cars, music and mayhem!

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Episode #107 (10/31/17) Special Guest Host - Adrienne Janic

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Adrienne Janic is in-studio guesting with Matt D'Andria who's flying solo this week. The two talk about Adrienne as one of the original Fanta girls, her husband and one of his new movies "Dust To Glory" and a whole lot of discussion about the upcoming SEMA show, including the panel Adrienne will be on, and filming her show called Battle of the Builders.

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Episode #106 (10/24/17) SEMA Ignited, Paint Projects and Auto Mishaps!

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This week Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar sit down for a lively discussion of the upcoming SEMA Ignited car show that will take place after SEMA. The boys also swap stories on the painting of various projects that they are all working on and they wrap up with some epic horror stories of accidents with rental cars, parents cars and press cars and how they all tried to cover it up.

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Episode #105 (10/17/17) Bench Racing with Shift & Steer

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On this episode of Shift and Steer Brad Fanshaw and Motorator Matt D'Andria talk current events, cars, Fox Body Mustang updates and discuss the best way to tackle the SEMA show when you are there for the entire week!

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Episode #104 (10/10/17) Special Guest Tyson Sullivan

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This week, Matt D'Andria and Brad Fanshaw welcome back actor Tyson Sullivan to the show. The guys chat about Porsche breaking the production car, Nurburgring lap record that Lamborghini set just a few months ago and problems with the Tesla Model 3 production. Brad talks about his recent road trip to Arizona and seeing ZZ Top and Sammy Hagar in concert. Tyson sheds some light on what its like to get blown up on a TV show! (Hint: it hurts).

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Episode #103 (10/04/17) Moonshow Re-Broadcast

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The guys from Shift and Steer go out to Irwindale Speedway for the Mooneyes Xmas Party Show and Drags. They were down one man as Aaron Hagar was snowed in up in Lake Tahoe, but Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Pete Chapouris made the best of it!

At the show they grabbed Barry Weiss from Storage Wars, Perry Barndt stuntman - Producer and Car Chasers star along with Chico Kodama from Mooneyes.

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Episode #102 (09/26/17) What is NEWS...

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On this episode Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar discuss Earthquakes, BMW's choice to keep manual gear boxes, rear wheel drive, shared technology of manufacturers, the Wenkel Rotary Engine made famous by Mazda and so much more!

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Episode #101 (09/20/17) Special Guest Courtney Hansen

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Courtney Hansen joins Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar this week as the gang talk about NASCAR, Indy Car, Drag Racing, Forza Motor Sports and Aaron's latest projects.

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Episode #100 (09/13/17) Shift and Steer's 100th Episode!!!

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It's our biggest episode ever because it has 3 digits! We look back on 100 Shift and Steer shows, our favorite memories and we even sprinkle in some new topics like Brad bitching about water born, clear coat finishes.