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Episode #91 (06/28/17) So-Cal Speed Shop Open House 2017

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Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar are joined by guest host Dave Marek at the 2017 So-Cal Speed Shop Open House. The guys brave the 100 degree heat to trade stories about their good friend Pete Chapouris with guests Alex Xydias, Gene Winfield and Peter Chapouris IV.

Episode #90 (06/11/17) Mini's, Stereo's and Million Dollar Cars

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This week on Shift and Steer Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and Aaron Hagar are all on the mics! Listen in as they discuss Aaron's MINI adventures, Car Stereo memories, Million dollar Lamborghini's, the upcoming appearance at So Cal Speed Shops Open House and of course, Fox Body Mustang updates.

Episode #89 (06/02/17) The Future of Cars and the Past

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Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria start off this episode about upcoming events and the Newport Beach Russo and Steele auto auction. Then the guys get into Matt's recent test drive in a 2017 Ford F150 and how far new car technology has come. That leads to Brad wondering what ever happened to a number of cars from the past that have just seemed to disappear? Where are they now?? Finally Matt wraps up the discussion about the new Porsche 911 Turbo S rag top and how crazy quick it is!

Episode #88 (05/30/17) Shift and Steer Greets Summer

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Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria are in the studio talking about getting cars ready for Summer, Ford's recent shakeup, the state of exotic car sales at auction, Trumps dissatisfaction with German cars, the Jeep Trackhawk and the Dodge Demon!

Episode #87 (05/22/17) Vanderhall Motor Works, Ferrari's, Ford's & Bill Goldberg

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This episode starts out on three wheels when Brad Fanshaw and Matt D'Andria talk with the Marketing Director from Vanderhall Motor Works. Then Aaron Hagar joins in to discuss his recent trip to the Ferrari Challenge at Laguna SECA. Then a jam-packed show continues with Matt telling us about his adventure trailering his Fox body Mustang behind a new ford F350 to MaganFlow for a new exhaust. Finally we wrap up with a from Matt about his recent visit with fellow car guy and WWE Wrestler Bill Goldberg.

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Click here to see Aaron's photo gallery from the Ferrari Challenge 2017

Episode #86 (05/12/17) Bowler Transmissions

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In this episode Brad Fanshaw, Matt D'Andria and our late friend Pete Chapouris take it from "F" bombs to FF Ferraris to Fast and then Four Speeds! Matt also tells us why he likes the new Bugatti Chiron but how he always felt that the Veyron looked like a peanut M&M! Listen as we bring you a never before aired episode of Shift and Steer.

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Episode #76 (01/11/17) Remembering Pete Chapouris

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Pete Chapouris' mic went silent on January 6, 2017 when he unexpectedly passed away. Pete was our Co-Host, but more importantly he was our friend. In this very special episode Brad, Aaron and Matt each share thoughts about Pete. Then we share a rebroadcast from October 2015 when Shift and Steer turned the interview to focus on Pete Chapouris, his life, his accomplishments and what he loved.

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